The seat later was painted bright orange to stand out in the sea of green seats and remained there until the old Met was torn down after the Twins moved to the Metrodome in 1982. Hall of Fame historian Bill Jenkinson once estimated it as the longest home run ever hit. The covered upper-deck seats add even more grandeur to Big Cats neck-craner, providing a pad for the ball to thump and trickle down like a golf ball on a putt-putt course. The exact date is unknown. Have Your Own Jersey? And yet, everyone in attendance was apparently moved to awe and admiration by this single event, which resulted in the scoring of the lone run. Bay Area, Chicago, Milwaukee, Iowa City, Des Moines, St. Paul/Minneapolis. Years after the fact, Brouthers was credited with a 500-foot home run on the aforementioned date, but it seems highly unlikely that the ball traveled nearly that far. The big guy came to Detroit in 1990 as a free agent after a season in Japan. And, as was the case with Mantle, Allen was one of the few men in the entire history of the game who possessed legitimate 500-foot-plus power. In truth, that figure derived from the distance from home plate to the place where a neighborhood child retrieved the ball. If you wanted to see a home run, you had to waddle your butt down to a baseball diamond somewhere and hope a skinny batter wearing a wool uniform would swat the ball over the fence. The baseball traveled past the flag pole located in deep center field, over the head of Charles Chick Shorten, over the lower deck, which undoubtedly had only a smattering of fans, and out onto the street. On June 3, 2012, Texas Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz hit a 484-foot home run to left-center field off Angels reliever Bobby Cassevah. The Metrodome home run record is owned by Ben Oglivie, who was with Milwaukee when, on July 27, 1983, he parked one about 12 rows back in the upper deck in right-center. A Mickey Mantle homer was originally estimated to have gone 734 feet. The massive slugger connected with a hanging breaking ball from Ivan Nova and crushed it, sending it nearly onto the concourse beyond center field. I was at a game when Frank Catalonatto hit a ball onto the RF roof down the line, but the ball rolled back off the roof and fell on the field. Check the home run lengths of all seventy Mark McGwire blasts and all sixty-six Sammy Sosa's shots in the fabulous feats section. Similarly, Comiskey's left-field roof was also visited by many batted balls, but only one is confirmed to have cleared it on the fly. The home run had an exit velocity of 116 mph and was Zuninos 12 homer of the season. None other than Darren Holmes, the Rockies pitcher who coughed it up, estimates that this ball went probably 560 feet -- off a changeup, no less. Ted Williams called it one of the hardest hit balls hed ever seen. The longest home run in the seven-year history of Montreal's Olympic Stadium came off the bat of retired Pittsburgh slugger Willie Stargell. On May 4, 2018, Washington Nationals Bryce Harper hit a 473-foot home run to center field off Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Nick Pivetta. I don't live nearby so the ability to have it shipped for $10 was well worth the cost. The home run cleared the right-field pavilion, hitting a bus outside the stadium. This was his first game since 17 September, when he . The 92.3 mph fastball had a 108.9 mph exit velocity off Goldschmidts bat. Whats the longest home run in every MLB stadium heading into the 2022 season? Not only did he set distance records in every major league ballpark (including National League stadiums where he played only infrequently), he also set similar standards in hundreds of other fields, where he made exhibition and barnstorming appearances. Only one is honored at the Mall of America, where a stadium seat mounted in the malls amusement park marks the spot where his long homer landed in the upper deck. Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers is credited with powering a ball 502 feet in the air over the left-field bleachers at Milwaukee's County Stadium on September 14, 1991. You are correct about Howard. From a functional standpoint, it makes no difference by what margin a ball clears a set home run barrier. By his own account he hit the longest home run of his career on May 22, 1963 at Yankee Stadium. One of the major highlights as a kid back then was that game and especially that Jackson blast that Curt Gowdy called for a national viewing audience. Boucher of Albany, June 9, 1946, when Ted Williams of Red Sox bounced his longest Boston home run off owner's head. A 34-mph wind blew toward the bleachers that day, which is why Mee thinks Killebrews second upper-deck shot may actually have been hit harder. This time though, they have to make the ride down 15-501 to the Dean Dome, where they'll . Let it be emphasized that the mighty Mick was undoubtedly one of baseball's all time longest hitters. And Zoilo (Versalles) hit some long balls, too. Wily Mo Pena at GABP (April 17, 2005)This ball was river-bound too, if it wasnt for that pesky upper deck standing in the way. Cardinals switch-hitter Rip Collins hit 35 in 1934. Estimates on this baby began at 579 feet before being lowered to 529 and then 468, almost as if no one believed a baseball could really be hit that far. Babe Ruth was said to have hit a home run over 600 feet. Each time the noise grew louder and louder! Not for long. Advertisement That puts it up there with legendary home runs from the likes of Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. With each passing year, others will join the long list of true tape measure champions. The ball was hit on August 16, 1935. As long ago as opening day 1883, there is information describing the excitement generated by Hall of Famer Roger Connor, who struck an unusually long home run at the original Polo Grounds in New York. I remember watching the 1971 blast as a 12 year old on TV with my family living in Michigan at the time. And while were unable to go back and superimpose exit velocities and projected distances on homers from the past, we can certainly gawk at them and wonder, "What if they were tracked?" Not since Hank Greenberg in the 1940s, had Tiger fans seen a power hitter like Cecil Fielder. It is only fair to also mention the great distance sluggers of the old Negro Leagues. Accounts from that gray afternoon put Hills rooftop homer at 490 feet; Hill told the Chicago Tribune to move that up to 700 feet. On July 7, 2021, Texas Rangers Joey Gallo hit a 462-foot home run off of Detroit Tigers pitcher Casey Mize. Yes, Killebrew stroked titanic blasts on consecutive days in June 1967. Editors note: This story was originally published on June 29, 2006. You didnt even have to see it; the crack of the bat said it all. Here, in no particular order, are 12 absolutely massive homers we wish came under Statcast tracking. Martinez, July 21, 2015 (467 feet)This is the standard by which all Comerica Park homers are measured these days. It was hit into the second level of the. Tiger Stadium was famous for its low roof and a few players have hit balls completely out of the ballpark, but Jackson's 532-foot home run stands as one of the longest on record. Only six batters hit as many as 20 homers that year. Giancarlo Stanton hit the longest home run ever made in Coors Field to date when he played against the Rockies in 2016. On June 2, 2017, Manny Machado hit a 465-foot home run off Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello. Mike Piazza at Coors Field (Sept 26, 1997)Our obligatory Coors Field selection goes to this Piazza blast that just kept going and going. One of the hardest ever at the corner was a blast by Jimmie Foxx deep into left center, just to the left of the center field scoreboard. And if Harmon Killebrew ever hit one farther, the 49th anniversary of that home run is today. I told Bob Casey about the cover we put on the seat to commemorate the home run, Mee said, and he was telling the fans over the loudspeaker as Killebrew was coming up to bat. Martinez last season -- a ball that traveled 466 feet and ended up on top of the camera well in center field. He holds the record for longest home run in Cleveland Indians history at 511 feet, which he hit against the Kansas City Royals in 1999. But its doubtful any of them would have won an arm-wrestling contest with Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds. In fact, the ball bounced off a seat about eight rows back. Did the Babes longest homer really challenge 600 feet? TAMPA, Fla. - The No. There should be no doubt about the authentication of these conclusions. I put the location into google maps off I went. 4. Cecil Fielder at Tiger Stadium (Aug. 25, 1990)The roof at the old Tiger Stadium was one of the most time-honored and imposing challenges for right-handed launchers, but it was bested in style by Detroits hulking slugger. This years World Series games at Wrigley Field remind us of Babe Ruths legendary home run there, when he allegedly called his shot in Game 3 of the 1932 Fall Classic in Chicago. Martinezs 113.1 mph drive off a Taijuan Walker fastball hit the roof of that perch, more than midway up the batters eye. We look at the farthest home runs hit in MLB history, with videos of some of the longest home runs ever hit. Shoutout is also due to Dave Kingman, who knocked one into a front yard on Kenmore Avenue in a 23-22 loss to the Phillies on May 17, 1979. Benjamin Tetteh scored his first goal for . The homer had an exit velocity of 111.6 and was Healys tenth home run of the season. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Ruth took a train to Wilkes-Barre two days after the 1926 World Series (imagine Kris Bryant playing an exhibition game later this weekfor a couple thousand people) and tattooed a ball 650 feet, according to members ofWilkes-Barre's City Government. A short while later I left with a new cap and a custom Fidrych T-shirt. I think they left Dick Allen in 1973 for the White Sox. The Tigers' Kirk Gibson hit a home run onto the street in 1983 but it was less than 600 feet. What are your home run memories of Tiger Stadium? Yet again, we have an example of a genuinely epic home run that has been grievously overstated. Schoenfield: There have been only five home runs hit out of Dodger Stadium during an action game -- two by Willie Stargell and one each from Mark McGwire, Mike Piazza and Giancarlo Stanton. Copyright 2023 Sporting News Holdings Limited. Based upon that belief, this drive has commonly been estimated at about 620 feet if left unimpeded. In the years he played for his hometown team, Kirk Gibson frequently displayed his power. Mantle hit the facade on two or perhaps three occasions, but never cleared it. Many of them even rivaled the Babe's for distance. Despite many unsubstantiated claims, none of the early sluggers recorded drives of such length that they could compare with those of the modern era. The ball landed. Batting for the Reds against the Cardinals, Wally Post boldly launched a baseball where none had gone before at the original Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I ended up buy a very nice winter Tiger jacket and as I tried it on and decided on it they noticed a very minor blemish on the back and quickly informed me I had a hard time even seeing it & probably would have never noticed it. I swear one of the Angels hit one either on or over the roof in 84 or 85. In 1932, the muscular "Double X" almost equaled Ruth's season record of 60 home runs. That's not a little guy right there, and he was always known for great length on home runsbecause he liked hitting them that way and frequently . One of the most common question asked here at Baseball Almanac is who hit the longest home run ever. Back in 21, Navin Field did not yet have the upper deck in center field that would later be a haven for diehard fans. On July 18, 1921, Babe Ruth hit what is believed to be the longest verified home run in Major League Baseball history. Ruths mammoth homer is the only ball to be confirmed to have left Navin Field/Briggs Stadium/Tiger Stadium in center field. Jose Canseco hit a home run to center field lower deck. In his first season wearing the Old English D, Big Daddy hit 51 homers. A few times, he was able to send the baseball up and out of Tiger Stadium with his left-handed swing. The best effort on the part of either player was Canseco's famous blast into the fifth level at Toronto's Sky Dome during the 1989 American League playoffs, which was estimated at 484 feet. When Mickey Mantle cleared the left-center-field bleachers at Clark Griffith Stadium in Washington on April 17, 1953, the entire baseball world was lead to believe the ball had traveled 565 feet from home plate to the point where it landed. Well, the whole Yankees roster did in 1929 for an exhibition against Sing Sing Correctional Facility inmates. Top 10 Tigers homers of the decade. But, Mee noted, there was but a slight breeze blowing that day. It is even easier to consider modern history to help us understand that nothing has changed in the intervening years in our fascination with long home runs. 521, hit in his final at-bat in the majors at Fenway Park in 1960. It is for that reason that we find their actions so thrilling, and will always want to identify them for special reward and distinction. Having hit 31 home runs in 506 at-bats with Toronto, in Japan Fielder produced 38 in only 384 at-bats. Mickey Mantle 1973 - His Last Home Run in Yankee Stadium, OTD, 8/11/1973 YanksAtShea 6.23K subscribers 1.4M views 11 years ago YanksAtShea finds another archival goodie (some video-audio. Others who should be recognized are Jose Canseco, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey, Jr., Frank Thomas, and Andres Galarraga. I could hit for average, but thats not my job. They have always liked them, and always will. The home run had an exit velocity of 114.6 mph to center field. On June 3, 1987 at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, Meyer hit the longest verifiable home run in the history of professional baseball. Report and free match highlights from the Sky Bet Championship match between Hull City and West Brom at the MKM Stadium. And then theres a millennial favorite -- Albert Pujols soul-crushing tater off Astros reliever Brad Lidge -- which looks just as fast as Stanton's record 121 mph laser when you watch it on tape. That homeric deed was performed by the powerful Jimmie Foxx on June 16, 1936. According to Statcast, someone soon to follow topped Mike Piazza's 496-foot homer from Sept. 26, 1997, as the longest home run in Coors Field history. The center field home run was Confortos 13th homer of the season. New York Met Michael Conforto hit a 469-foot home run on September 29, 2021, off of Miami Marlins pitcher Elieser Hernandez. Longest home run in the history of every single MLB stadium BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - SEPTEMBER 26: Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees at bat during the top of the first inning of the. The homer that traveled to center field with an exit velocity of 113.2 mph, and was Martinezs 13th home run of the season. Franchy Cordero's 489-foot bomb was the longest home run of the season coming into the night per Statcast. Killabrew was in 62. The ball struck the facade on the right-field roof approximately 370 feet from home plate and 115 feet above field level. But so did Killebrews, Mee said. "Hall of Fame historian Bill Jenkinson once estimated it as the longest home run ever hit. Before, if you had power, you could hit the ball, said Oliva, who hit 220 home runs in 15 seasons. The homer, which had an exit velocity of 107.8 mph, was Marisnicks eighth of the season. While those feats would shatter Meyer's mark, there was no technology or tool that could give an exact measure of those distances. At the time, we did not know what a big deal that was. 5. Before participating in the varsity squad of William Howard Taft Charter High School, he developed his baseball skills in the West Valley Little League. Moving into the eighties, Mike Schmidt, Jim Rice, and Darryl Strawberry set the pace at a time when modern technology permitted us to better understand the limitations of the flight of a batted ball. The Milwaukee Brewers outfielder crushed a pitch on Thursday night which was reported as being 489 feet, the longest home run hit at the new iteration of Busch Stadium. Detroit's Tiger Stadium (the name was changed from Briggs Stadium) was a favorite Mantle hunting ground for legendary home run blasts. Jason Thompson. Adam Dunn over the batters eye at GABP (Aug. 10, 2004)Dunn didnt always make contact, but when he did, we all remember what happened. fastboy marketing net worth, reflect on the sample menu in the resource collection,